Orgyrobot - Urban Burn 2018

ORGYROBOT as an interactive installation

The Orgyrobot started as an interactive room where participants could enter, follow instructions and go in and out of play.

The room was tested in several different settings like night clubs, festivals and art exhibitions and the instructions varied from place to place.

Genital Portraits

Fuck me in the sunshine

Green House Play Party


The first build up of the OrgyRobot was at Urban Burn in Stockholm. A test session to further develop the project by seeing how the play was received and entered by participants.

The Orgyrobot was a “laboratory”, making reaserch of how to build an Orgyrobot.

Participants taped an object to their bodies and entered a playroom to find out if this object would be a positive add to the actual Orgyrobot by playing with other participants.


The OrgyRobot was build in the Borderland Festival in Denmark, a Burning Man inspired festival of participatory culture and art.
During seven days there were workshops, theme nights, conversations and a lot of play in the 70 sqm playroom.

In the Borderland the new concept of the attached items as genitals were born.

1. Choose an object as your new genital

2. Duct tape it anywhere on your body. Help each other!

3. Play with your new genital by pleasuring yourself in the company of others


At Stockholms performance festival Fringe the OrgyRobot invited participants to exit their role as voyeurs and join the performance during two nights at the night club Kvarteret.


Drone dancing, an exhibition at Färgfabriken, Stockholm consisting of a group of artists working with the theme of the future, where the Orgyrobot was for the first time built as a show room installation.