Title - “Peak and Play”

Artists - mmwow111

The purpose of the ritual - invoke the qualities of pleasure in observing and being observed.

Roles - person 1 and 2 “explorers” person 3 “observer”

Investigation - The explorers will be given instructions from the observer to interact with their new genital together. The instructions given will help the explorers to find inspiration to play and explore different qualities as for example …

The observer is given an active role to read out notes with instructions as well as the encouragement to observe while investigating they own pleasure.

Start position and movement - The Observer will be guided to go and stand behind the plastic wall where they can read they instructions. The Explorers will be guided to the middle of the room

Instruction - The Observer: you are the observer. You will read the instructions out loud to your trio. Can you find pleasure observing them? You may use the tools to help you observe in new ways.

The explorers: You are the explorers. You will receive instructions. Follow them until you receive the next. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Objects - The Observer will be handed different objects to use for observing the play of the explorers. The objects can be used to enhance or

Interior - a green mat with the size of 4-6 square meters - Plastic wall with holes. Maybe a chair or something to sit on? for the observer. or maybe a mat to lay on?


Title - Sound Masturbation concert 

Artists - Tv Dinner Education

The purpose of the ritual - to invoke the feeling of going into one's own pleasure and to charge the new genital with sexuel energy by masturbating to the sounds given. 

Roles - Person 1 The Receiver and Person 2 and 3 The Givers

Investigation - Finding your own pleasure by masturbating with your new genital to the sounds and touch of the Givers. The Givers will have the opportunity to explore giving pleasure by using different sound objects on the receiver. 

Start position and movement - From start position the receiver will be instructed to lay down in the middle of the room. The Givers will be instructed to sit on each side of the receiver.

Instructions: The receiver - You will lay down with your head on the pillow. Can you find pleasure by the sounds given to you? Masturbate with your new genital! 

Objects: Silicone sound objects - feathers and other small tools to play with. A blindfold. 

Interior: a green mat with the size of 4-6 square meters. A parasol shaped octopus with pipes. pillow for the receiver to rest they head and cushions for the givers to sit on.  Speakers and mixer. Bass shaker. 


Title - Inflatable red and white

Artists - Grebnellaw 

The purpose of the ritual - Abstract exploration into sexual interaction and roleplay

Roles - Person 1 , 2 and 3 are “The players”

Investigation - movement and improvisation with eccentric costum play 

Start position and movement - From start position the players will be asked to move into the centre of the room. 

Instructions: Put on a mask and an apron. What kind of pleasurable movements and interactions can you discover with yourself and your trio?  

Objects: Masks and aprons

Interior: a green mat with the size of 4-6 square meters. Red and white round shaped abstract pillows laying and hanging in the room. small stand in the room for hanging the masks and aprons.